Phil Bliss enables those he works with to get the best out of their voice and so give the speaker confidence. He carefully listens and observes so that he can work creatively with each individual. He believes strongly, as I do, that to help people express themselves well and find their own voices, is vital to the ongoing growth and creativity of each person.

Cicely Berry O.B.E.

Director of Voice
The Royal Shakespeare Company

I work in an environment which previously relied on long, detailed and carefully crafted reports. This is no longer the case and clients do not have time to read such documents; they expect us to present findings to them. Therefore the voice is key.

David Dunckley

Partner - Grant Thornton

From my point of view Phil adds a lot to a leadership programme. He is normative, gives straight and honest feedback, with a lot of learning as a consequence.

Thorlief Thorliefsson

Norway’s leading Management Training Creative

It has been useful to learn the factors at play when I get stressed and how they impact my voice. Being given the tools to expand my vocal range has greatly increased my confidence when on the phone or giving presentations...

Simon Burbidge

CMS Cameron McKenna LLP